Tiktok is changing social media and is still one of the most popular platforms on the market today. It captivated users and businesses alike with its unique and easy-to-use format. 

We’ve seen other social media platforms adjust their structure or use TikTok as inspiration since its massive rise in popularity in 2018. Here are a few ways it continues to have an effect on how the social media industry operates.TikTok

More platforms using short-form video

TikTok’s videos vary from 15 seconds, 60 seconds, three minutes and 10 minutes. The point of the platform is to host fast, easily-digestible and attention grabbing content. 

Facebook, Instagram and YouTube followed suit in the incorporation of short-form video into their platforms soon after TikTok’s boost in popularity. Instagram released Instagram Reels and YouTube released YouTube Shorts in 2020 while Facebook didn’t jump on the trend until 2021 with Facebook Reels. 

Each platform has done well with their short-form video feature and Futurety Digital expects it to only get better.

More genuine and relatable content

The platform can be great for marketers if they know how to use it. Posting genuine and relatable content can make even the most traditional brand thrive on the platform. Also, short content that gets straight to the point in an attention-grabbing way usually does better.

For example, we’ve seen streaming platforms promote the new season of a series by showing behind-the-scenes content of filming. This goes a step further than just previewing the trailer because it breaks the barrier of genuineness by showing the cast and crew as relatable.

Facebook’s recent update to their homepage

In July 2022, Facebook’s parent company, Meta, announced major changes to their platform including a homepage facelift. The new and improved Facebook homepage would be separated into two tabs: Feeds and Home. Feeds features posts only from your followers in chronological order. Home features a similar style to what users know now with posts suggested for you based on the algorithm in addition to some posts from your friends. 

If this sounds familiar, that’s because the structure is similar to TikTok’s Following and For You Page. The re-design is to shift focus from news-related content to creator-focused content. We’re interested to see how the new format is adopted by users.

Implementing sensitive content warnings, mature safeguards and resources

sensitive content warningThrough several controversies, TikTok has made changes to its community guidelines, adding trigger-warnings for sensitive content, filters for muting certain types of content and resources for specific keywords. For example, videos that some may find disturbing but don’t violate community guidelines could have an opt-in screen added before their video to give people the option to watch the video or skip it.

In July 2021, Meta announced their sensitive content control update to Instagram. This new control adds the ability to adjust what content you see before you see it. It’s a bit different from TikTok’s feature because users have more control over the type of content they see. However, the format is still very similar.

It’s important that social media platforms continuously update their policies and guidelines to keep their users safe while also giving them a space to voice their experiences. 

It’s easier to build your platform

Easier doesn’t mean easy. Hard work and dedication are still needed to grow on TikTok, but it seems the odds are more in your favor on TikTok for now. With a homepage setup that shows content of users you may not be following, the chances of going viral or gaining more followers could be higher.

However, Instagram and Facebook Reels entered the playing field. Building your following on Facebook and Instagram may get easier which is great for all parties involved. The strategies may be different across the platforms, but the opportunity to get in front of non-followers could increase. 

It’s no secret TikTok is directly influencing what the veteran social media platforms are doing. The updates we’re seeing across these platforms could be changing the way many approach new social media platforms, specifically advertisements, in the future.

The social media ads experts at Futurety Digital are always here to consult with you about your paid social media strategy. With these changes, come an ever-evolving algorithm to conquer.