It’s no secret that TikTok is one of the top social media sites right now. Even though the advertising brands do on the platform are converting, some are still unsure whether or not to try it out for themselves. This is your sign to make the leap and join TikTok because even the oldest brands are doing well.

Here’s a short list of eight brands that do TikTok well, so you should probably take note from them:


Scrub Daddy

There aren’t many ways to make a dish sponge appealing to younger audiences, but somehow Scrub Daddy’s TikTok account does it. Their page is always up-to-date on the latest TikTok trends. Even the trends that wouldn’t make any sense for Scrub Daddy to do are crafted beautifully and are a prime example of brand awareness.



Yes, Lionsgate, the entertainment company. Similar to Scrubdaddy, Lionsgate is at the forefront of the latest TikTok trends by using TikTok’s unique humor to cleverly reach new audiences. This concept isn’t new. Many brands have tried to act “relatable” with humor, but ultimately fail for being too cringey. Whoever is running the Lionsgate TikTok account needs to keep it up!

Duolingo on TikTok


We all know of Duolingo as the app that helps you learn a new language. Pretty cut and dry. The Duolingo Tik Tok however is comedic gold. The company’s social media manager brings such levity and humor to the page by dressing up as the Duolingo Owl mascot and placing it in several meme worthy situations. 


This shopping giant has always been known for good deals on everyday items.. but not much else. They are doing an amazing job at rebranding themselves on TikTok. Rather than focusing on budget items, they use their page to promote a dreamy lifestyle. Walmart focuses their videos on life hacks, trendy wardrobe refreshes, and even #travelgoals. They partner with influencers and celebrities to show all of these things are possible with the use of Walmart products. The best part about this lifestyle is that it is all affordable at Walmart! 


Katie Austin

Technically, Katie Austin is an ‘influencer’ but hear us out on this one. She has successfully created ‘Katie Austin’ as a brand as well. The influencer has her own line of merch, has a fitness app, a website library full of on demand workouts and healthy recipes. Her TikTok does not ‘sell’ any of this. Instead, she promotes her healthy lifestyle with behind the scenes looks at her everyday life, her family, her friends, etc. By showing her audience so much of her life, they automatically feel as though they know her personally and are instantly more inclined to organically buy her services.

Doordash on TikTok


This account has some of the best organic looking advertisements we have ever seen. When endlessly scrolling through TikTok, Doordash always manages to pop up several times. Their paid ads target Gen Z and Millennials looking to make extra cash by becoming a drive for DoorDash. Every single ad they use is expertly crafted by… not looking expertly crafted. They feature real drivers and share exactly how much money they made in their shifts. On first glance their ads look just like some other user on your FYP sharing some tips of their own. Doordash creates such trust in featuring these less than perfect videos.



Have you heard of Vessi? Probably not. They are a Canadian footwear brand. Their launch on Tik Tok is nothing short of legendary. They have amassed a fairly large (and engaging!) audience very quickly. They know the best way to get someone’s attention is to yell the word “FREE”. Vessi hosts a ton of giveaways and launch user content to go along with it. Nothing like capitalizing on your audience’s desire for fifteen minutes of fame!



You’ve probably been to the beach or a tailgate and seen Spikeball in action. It is a silly looking game that somehow looks more confusing to learn the more you watch. We’ve never been too eager to play when we’ve seen the game while on vacation. Heading over to their Tik Tok though… Now we might be the biggest Spikeball fans there can be. Spikeball does an amazing job at capitalizing on every single Tik Tok trend just as they are going viral. They somehow find a way to make every viral sound work with their content. They also showcase real players utilizing the game in exciting ways. And of course their players look a lot better playing than us! #Goals


These are just a few brands that do TikTok well. This list was full of unconventional brands you wouldn’t expect to even be on TikTok, but they’re killing it! if you think TikTok doesn’t align with your B2C company’s social media strategy, think again! If you are on TikTok, then make sure you’re using all of the features the platform has to offer and get the most out of your efforts!