WordPress hosting – or WP Engine as it is technically called – is a great spot to host your website, especially if the CMS you are using is WordPress. With all the updates Google released earlier this year regarding Core Web Vitals scores, everyone wants to know how their website host affects their scores, and more importantly – how does hosting with WP Engine impact your Core Web Vitals score? 


Available Space: 

When hosting your website you need to ensure that WP Engine has enough space to operate because it can affect how your website operates if the space is too small. 

When looking at hosting options, a solid-state drive option is your best bet if it is available because they will provide faster, more reliable features. When researching available space and how much to purchase, the first thing you should look for is how many visitors your site is receiving on a daily basis. For a smaller website with less than 1,000 visitors per day, 10GB will be enough. However, larger websites that receive more traffic would need around 50GB to 100GB hard drive space depending on the results. Looking at your Google Analytics is a great place to start to identify your daily visitor count. If Google Analytics is currently not set up, that should be your first plan of action because it is a crucial piece of the puzzle to determining a successful website.  


CWV Solutions: 

WP Engine provides solutions to the three main Core Web Vitals metrics focusing on tactics that prioritize different ways to increase page speed. The three Core Web Vitals metrics are Cumulative Shift Layout, First Input Display, and Largest Contentful Paint. Page speed and page performance are ways that the user experience can be improved and WP Engine allows for the opportunity to not only build a page that is CWV compliant that scores well, but also easily allows a user to optimize a pre-existing site with ease. 


  1. Fast hardware and up-to-date software allows for overall speed to increase as well as needed resources to handle any uncached hits. 


  1. A fast network delivers page content quickly and ensures optimal load times


  1. Clean front-end-code to reduce unwanted layout shifts and ensure a smoother user experience. 


WP Engine

Core Web Vitals, is key for higher conversions, stronger engagement, and better overall SEO. Overall user experience is also improved with increased CWV scores as Google not only ranks your site based on your score, but also the page speed of your site to make for a seamless experience. WP Engine is a great hosting service that allows for flexibility and a simple process to update your sites’ Core Web Vitals scores.