The holiday’s are right around the corner. As a business, you think to yourself “how do I drive more website traffic?” A great question, and one of the answers we will discuss. For many businesses, the holidays provide a large part of their overall revenue for the year, so it’s important to start planning and strategizing early. Google Shopping Ads bring awareness to specific products as well as create a branding tool for your business, making it the best option for holiday shopping ads. Let’s discuss how Google Shopping Ads affect holiday traffic and how they can benefit your business.


Finding New Customers 

Google Shopping Ads help merchants to reach individuals across many platforms: YouTube, Gmail, Search and Display Networks. Shopping Ads feature an image of your product, name, price, brand, reviews and more. 

New customers can either choose to shop in person or purchase online. Google Shopping Ads provide that option by allowing easy to access products via Shopping Ads. If a consumer shops in person, researching products prior to purchasing is easier than ever! Consumers can scan reviews for positive feedback and compare shops for the price that fits their budget.


Reaching an Audience for Your Brand

Google Shopping Ads provide brand recognition to anyone fitting your preferred target audience. The holidays provide the heaviest website traffic for the year, so Google Shopping Ads are a great way to put your brand in front of shoppers and promote specific products. Most shoppers are constantly on the lookout for new ideas or discoveries, and while search campaigns might not be the best tactic for that, YouTube, Gmail and Display shopping ads are great platforms for creating an awareness to meet the shoppers interests.

When done right, Google Shopping Ads are a great way to drive traffic for the holiday season. With an increased demand, shopping ads provide an easy way to reach your preferred target audience, generate new/more customers and attract customers you might not have known are interested in your product or brand.

Make sure you plan in advance or let Futurety Digital do it for you! Running effective Google shopping ads should affect your holiday traffic (foot and digital) and brand recognition in a positive way. Contact us to start planning for 2022!