New year, new rules? The fun (and frustrating!) thing about digital marketing is that the rules and trends are constantly evolving. It can be hard to stay up-to-date on what is important and what to focus on. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are just a few of the many digital marketing trends of 2022.

Long form content: an oldie but a goodie

Long form content is not a new trend by any means, but it definitely deserves to be re-emphasized this year.

Many believe that content sources such as podcasts and videos are the trends to be focusing on due to their increasing popularity and relevance year over year. While they are excellent in their own right, long form content remains the cornerstone of marketing. Long form blog posts are always going to be the most beneficial way to increase your SEO and audience engagement. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Mobile friendly or bust

We are constantly on our phones, meaning a top priority for you as a Digital Marketer is to ensure your site is optimized for mobile. It might not be a top

ranking factor, but Google respects sites that are mobile-responsive.


More platforms, more strategy

Years ago it was easy to create a single social media strategy and replicate it across all of your channels. Our jobs were a lot easier in those days! In today’s digital world, each social media channel now provides a more specific purpose and targets a more specific audience. Posting the same or even similar content on your channels is an easy way to lose followers. 

Keep your content fresh and appeal to the appropriate audience. For example, Gen Z is most likely to be on Tik Tok and Instagram (which you should be too). To appeal to them you will want to use seemingly organic branding paired with viral trends and audio. On the other hand, you can appeal to older generations on Facebook by using more evidence based ad campaigns. 

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Hey Siri…

Technology is always changing and therefore, the way people search for information online is changing! Voice Search is becoming more and more prevalent by the day. Think of how often you or someone you know asks a question into your smartphone, Apple Watch, or your Amazon Echo. 

In order to increase your SEO through voice search, you will have to adjust your strategy. This might mean including more conversational keywords to your pages. It could also include creating content or a webpage with headlines that asks common questions, followed by content with more in depth answers to said questions.


[Virtual] reality check

By now you should be familiar with Facebook’s move to the ‘Meta-Verse’. It might seem futile to put effort into a virtual world but it could prove beneficial in the long term. Many businesses are playing around with creating virtual spaces and communities as part of their 2022 digital marketing strategy. This is a new way to interact with consumers and cultivate spaces for them to get immersed in. 


Influencer marketing

In the not so distant past, Influencer Marketing was the easiest way to target a specific demographic to increase brand awareness. These days, audiences are getting a lot smarter and a lot more wary of sponsored content.

As a Digital Marketer, it is up to you to stay on top of your target demographics and get creative when it comes to appealing to them and selling to them. 

But how? Well that brings us to our next point…


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We’ve seen so many new trends in just the first few months of this year. Think we missed an important digital marketing trend? Contact Futurety to let us know!