DollarEighty is a software used to grow your Instagram account and strategy and is meant to increase your engagement with accounts similar to yours. The software was inspired by leading digital marketer, Gary Vaynerchuck (Gary Vee), and his $1.80 rule: leave your two cents on nine posts within 10 different hashtags (0.02 (cents) x 9 (posts) x 10(hashtags) = $1.80). 


It’s a valid theory and DollarEighty put it to the test.


How do I use it?


Once you download the Chrome Extension, you create a free account with your Instagram credentials and begin your DollarEighty set up. After creating a target collection and following up to 10 hashtags, you can start engaging with other accounts within those hashtags. 



Per the $1.80 rule, each hashtag gives you the nine most relevant posts within those hashtags, prompting you to leave a positive and insightful comment on each post. Having said that, DollarEighty lets you comment on each post directly from the site and keeps track of each comment you’ve left.


What does a subscription include?


A free subscription to DollarEighty includes hashtag targeting, commenting history, a 10 comments/day allowance, growth analytics and more. 


A premium subscription includes all that and more! For $15/month, you have access to an unlimited number of comments, hashtag targeting, profile targeting and location targeting as well as full access to Groups.


Groups is a networking feature within DollarEighty that brings like-minded people together to share best practices and create connections. You can create your own group or join an existing one and post within the group, building your brand and relationships with people in your industry or niche. 


How it has worked for Futurety

So far, DollarEighty has helped us increase engagement almost 70%! It’s incredibly easy to take thirty minutes to comment on insightful posts everyday. Not only has it helped us with engagement, it has inspired us to revitalize our social media strategy to include new ideas for platform optimization. It’s certainly a software we’ll continue to use and recommend testing out.

Visit DollarEighty, to try it today!