Make this longer for a blog post introduction paragraph: I smell turnovers and I’m not talking about the pastries. The 2023 NFL season is here! As you gear up to watch, you may ask yourself, “is the NFL on YouTube? Amazon Prime? Cable TV?” The answer to these questions are just a first down away. OK, no more football puns.

Is NFL on YouTube? 

The short answer is yes! In December 2022, The NFL’s communication team announced their partnership with YouTube. In the statement, NFL Commissioner, Roger Goodell, says they have focused on more digital distribution of their games. To be honest, we all saw this coming. Streaming is taking down cable and this strategic move on the NFL’s part is a good way to get ahead of the curve.

How to watch NFL games this season

Brace yourself, because this is about as straightforward as Jacksonville’s, Blaine Gabbert’s, backwards throw during his sack by Cleveland’s, Jabaal Sheard – yes, I’m a Browns fan…

With all the traditional  channels like NBC, ABC and FOX lurking in the shadows of shiny, new streaming platforms like FuboTV and NFL+, finding your way can be quite the adventure. Also, did I mention it can depend on where you live? 

Fortunately, the NFL, in its infinite wisdom, gives us the gift of organizing where to watch the games to make our lives simpler. So, let’s cut through the confusion and get down to business, shall we?

watching NFL on YouTube

Where can I watch Sunday football?

Exclusively on YouTube TV or YouTube Primetime

Where can I watch Thursday night football?

Exclusively on Amazon Prime

Where can I watch Monday night football?

Exclusively on ESPN

This all may look simple, but I am just good at my job. There are more ways to watch for different games, it all seems to be a game-day decision. See what I did there?

Why are they doing this?

The practice of ditching traditional cable boxes for video streaming services, AKA cord-cutting, continues to gain traction. This shift has been driven by a growing number of companies entering the market, each promising a more cost-effective, on-demand viewing experience that caters to individual preferences. Fast forward to the present, where a global pandemic, looming recession and better sense of financial-awareness forced many to tighten their budgets.

The competition between cable providers is over – they’re just fighting to stay alive. Now, the main competition is between streaming platforms. We’ve seen it all before.

NFL on YouTube vs cable

The transition from cable to YouTube for NFL Sunday Ticket is a big step into the digital age of sports entertainment. No more reliance on cable boxes, tangled wires or channel surfing. Instead, all you need now is a good internet connection and your preferred device. It’s a major shift away from traditional cable television.

How much does NFL on YouTube cost? 

The NFL Sunday Ticket package on YouTube’s basic plan allows you to catch all the regular season NFL games. One major benefit for sports fans is that this package covers games not usually aired nationally or locally. You can subscribe to NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube Primetime Channels for $399. However, you can include NFL RedZone for just an additional $40 if you are fiending for even more football.

Does streaming have commercials?

Do not worry, those wacky and wonderful Superbowl commercials are not going anywhere! Streaming platforms like YouTube TV still have ads making the viewing experience a little similar to cable.

Tailored viewing experience

One of the standout features of NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube is the level of personalization it offers. Unlike cable TV, which typically offers a limited selection of games, YouTube takes customization to a new level. 

Not only do you have the freedom to curate your own viewing schedule, you can opt for a multiview in order to watch games side-by-side as they’re happening. This level of control is a game-changer for sports enthusiasts.

Enhanced interactivity

With YouTube’s interactive features, viewers are no longer passive spectators. Live chats, discussions with fellow fans, and participation in polls and quizzes during game breaks make the viewing experience highly engaging. It is like having a virtual tailgate party with fans from all around the world. You will have a ball! 

Sorry, I’ll stop now.

No more interruptions

Cable TV users face their fair share of frustrations, including signal interruptions due to weather conditions. NFL Sunday Ticket on YouTube offers a more reliable streaming experience. Rain or shine, viewers can enjoy a consistently clear and uninterrupted view of the action on the field. As long as that internet connection is strong.