Health Undefined

 Hitting the Ground Running with Email Marketing

Automated Email Marketing and Campaign Management Case Study


Health Undefined, owned and managed by Influencer Mik Zazon (@mikzazon), has been changing women’s lives since 2018. The Health Undefined brand encomposses all of Mik’s partnerships and programs, including HIIT30. HIIT30 is a health and wellness program that helps women balance nutrition, exercise, and body confidence.


With a growing following on Instagram, Mik needed to find creative ways to engage her following on other online platforms to increase awareness and sales of the HIIT30 program.


Futurety used an existing email platform to reach Mik’s followers on non-Instagram platforms. They organized the email audience into new lists based on products and strategies, merging it with an unengaged list. They checked for spam traps and invalid addresses to ensure clean email lists. Futurety set up an automated drip campaign of six emails for the HIIT30 program. They also used the lists for other campaigns related to Mik’s brand, focusing on the target audience’s needs. Futurety developed email copy reflecting Mik’s brand and voice.


Through strategic email marketing, Mik and the Health Undefined brand were able to reconnect with a previously unengaged audience and continue to grow her subscriber base.

Re-Engagement Campaign

Connecting with past-purchasers through a re-engagement campaign was highly successful, with a whopping 66.8% open rate and a 22% click-through rate, proving Mik and her products are still highly relevant to an audience who was previously not engaged.


Open Rate



Automated Drip Campaign

Some of the best performing emails are the ones introducing customers to the HIIT30 program and giving them a better understanding of it, its community, and Mik’s philosophy around food, exercise, and body image. This automated drip campaign is central in keeping customers motivated to work out every week and finish the program within 30 days. This is reflected in the open rates of over 90% and click through rates reaching 77%.

36% – 90%



Open Rate

2.1% – 77.7%





Another successful email campaign showcased Mik’s recent blog articles, which drove a 2.3% click through rate. The subject line, Keeping busy, happy, and healthy while staying home, reflected the relevant, feel-good content Mik is known for driving a 24% open rate.