Amidst the chaos of COVID, when the world needed a hero, we unleashed HUCKLE onto the scene. Picture this: you toss your customer list into the HUCKLE cauldron, and poof! Within minutes, we can tell you your customers’ ages, marital status, financial information, hobbies and interests. All to enhance your first-party data marketing strategy.

It’s like having your own Sherlock Holmes sifting through the data universe to hand-deliver you golden nuggets of information. So, whether your customers are aspiring chefs, master cyclists or both, HUCKLE helps you understand your customers like never before.

The end of third-party cookies by Google

Google knocked on our door and made it clear that all advertisers would need a new way to market by announcing the end of third-party cookies in Chrome in 2024. If you advertise online, you probably use third-party cookies, whether you know it or not. 

Once a potential customer engages with your website or drops a hint that they’ve got their eyes on your product, voila! They will see your ad throughout their entire online journey. Just like if you look at a new car online, you’ll get ads for that car, and its competitors, everywhere. This technology is based on third party cookies, essentially, websites sharing cusotmer information with ad networks. When Google Chrome begins blocking these cookies, in 2024, this technology goes away.

Every advertiser from Nike to your uncle’s dry cleaning shop needs a new ad strategy in 2024. Fortunately for us, HUCKLE was already halfway there.

HUCKLE’s approach to first-party data marketingPerson using HUCKLE to inform first-party data marketing strategy

Amid this major change in how we reach customers, HUCKLE offers a solution we believe will be even more impactful than third party cookies.. Shifting toward first-party data marketing, HUCKLE empowers you to harness the customer data you already own and use it to continue to reach that audience, and expand to similar audiences. 

Target audience example

Empowered by OpenAI and seamlessly integrated with industry giants like Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and Mailchimp. HUCKLE takes the reins to craft marketing campaigns built to convert. 

Imagine the ability to pinpoint a customer segment – let’s say, married women over 40, fluent in Spanish, juggling young children, with an annual income of $100,000 and a penchant for health and fitness. HUCKLE’s filters and identifies this audience from your existing customer database, setting the stage for tailored emails and ads that resonate.

But HUCKLE doesn’t stop there. Visuals, content, geo-targeting, bid strategies and timing – every piece of the puzzle is meticulously created based on more than 300 data points. The result? Engagement designed to captivate your target audience.

Discover your target audience

Bid farewell to the dependency on third-party cookies and welcome a new era of marketing. HUCKLE empowers you to take control of your customer data, paving the way for high-performance campaigns that deliver laser-focused, relevant marketing experiences.

Ready to unlock the potential of the advertising landscape? Schedule a demo or kickstart your journey by uploading your files today. Discover the power of first-party data marketing and take control of your audience.